White Woolf Network

White Woolf Network (SAMMY) is a decentralized governance token of the WOOLF ecosystem !!!

Our main goal is to surpass the canine coins by creating a decentralized ecosystem where the SAMMY token is the system's governance token.

White Woolf Network is platform for Loanse cryptoassets and Staking, Liquidity Farming, Vault, Vote.

Borrowers get money without selling cryptoassets. Lenders offer loans and earn competitive returns.

How it works?


It is a modern platform that allows SAMMY and other token holders to store their assets in a specially designed contract.

The storage percentage is set automatically depending on the price of the underlying assets and the number of assets in the pool.

Staking consists of keeping tokens in a cryptocurrency wallet in order to earn a reward and support the security and operations of the blockchain network.

By purchasing and staking the SAMMY token you earn both interest and the WWN governance token.

The minimum bet amount and the annual percentage rate for token holders will be announced in Q3 2021.


Yield Farming, “Agriculture of Yield”, is an activity carried out by users (investors, traders) who have assets in cryptocurrencies to use these to invest them and obtain the highest possible return on their investment.

SAMMY-Farm offers cryptocurrency holders to pool their assets together to provide a large pool of liquidity for everyone who wants to exchange this asset, as a return, he receives a lucrative reward straight into the wallet.

Similar to traditional agriculture, it is carried out in cycles of productivity.

Farming consists in receiving a reward in native protocol tokens for granting loans or obtaining loans, or for providing liquidity to decentralized exchanges and voting.


Our decentralized loan platform offers tremendous earning opportunities for borrowers and lenders. Complete stand-alone platform, no human intervention. All transactions take place through smart contracts.

The loan is provided by securing the loan amount with some valuable asset.

The decentralized platform will allow borrowers to place their request for a loan, where all the necessary information will be provided: loan amount, collateral asset, loan term. Thus, lenders, by voting, using the SAMMY token, will determine the value of the collateralized asset, at what annual percentage the loan will be provided.

What does the platform get?

10% of the pool profit

What do lenders get?

90% of the pool profit. Each participant will receive a percentage in proportion to the contribution, the larger the contribution, the higher the percentage, as well as an additional percentage, depending on the number of SAMMY tokens in the creditor's personal account.

The lender can earn extra money if he provides an equivalent amount of the SAMMY token contribution to the pool. Upon completion of the transaction, he will receive additional WWN tokens by staking in the borrowed pool.

The company, 50% of the profits will be directed to the purchase of SAMMY and WWN tokens, in the future to burn these tokens, thereby creating a deficit and increasing the value of tokens.


SAMMY-vote offers decentralized platform that allows community to perform on-chain voting. All this voting data is record on blockchain which acts as a decentralized, immutable ledger, leaving no place of bureaucratic manipulation or rigging.


SAMMY-vault is a protocol that automates yield farming. It uses AI and BigData to look for innovative farming strategies, with the objective of bringing maximum yield to the community.

In the near future, we will place 50% of 1 quintillion liquidity on Uniswap, the rest will be used for staking. We do not keep tokens for ourselves, liquidity will be blocked.


Why are we better than dog coins?


Initially, we will fund 10 ETH in liquidity and send the pool tokens for blocking.


All our money will be locked in the project, and we will not be able to return it back. All this leads to complete safety of the project and the ability not to risk the project participants.


Our contract will have the ability to block bots, which will not lead to fraudulent schemes at the initial stage to redeem a huge amount of tokens and receive a commission. All of this will not result in a two day contract job as in many projects. We plan to work for a long time and increase our and your income.


We will also send the right to the contract to the incineration address. As a result, we will in no way be able to interfere with the project. The entire community will manage the project.

Ready to get involved?

How to buy SAMMY?

See below how to buy SAMMY in just 3 steps. You can always get help in our active telegram group here.

1. Create a MetaMask wallet

SAMMY token is available on the Ethereum blockchain. MetaMask is the market leader in ERC20 (Ethereum) wallets. On Google Chrome, visit metamask.io to download the extension and set up the wallet. By mobile? Get the MetaMask app for iPhone or Android.


2. Send ETH to MetaMask

Buy Ethereum through MetaMask or transfer it to your MetaMask wallet address from another wallet (such as Coinbase, Kraken, or Binance).

3. Buy SAMMY on Uniswap or 1 inch

You can currently buy SAMMY on Uniswap, a decentralized exchange where you can exchange any ERC20 token. Enter the amount of ETH you would like to exchange for SAMMY. Click Connect Wallet then Change. Now enjoy this amazing ride with us.


White Woolf Network (SAMMY)

Ticker: SAMMY

Official Token address:

Max Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 SAMMY

Liquidity, Exchange: 400,000,000,000,000 SAMMY

Marketing, Audits, Partnership: 100,000,000,000,000 SAMMY

Circulating Supply: 500,000,000,000,000 SAMMY

Road map